Chicago Office

Since it opened its doors in 2008, the Chicago Office has worked with more than 500 community-serving congregations representing the religious, racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of the city.

The Chicago office has built strategic relationships with local faith leaders, lay leaders, community leaders, universities, seminaries, public officials, foundations, and philanthropists. These collaborations have been instrumental in the successful local rollouts of Partners’ training classes, programs, research, and consulting services, including New Dollars/New Partners and Making Homes for the Arts in Sacred Places.

When Partners announced the launch of the Chicago Office, it was with an eye toward adapting our work to serve the city in a way that respects and reflects what makes Chicago unique. From the outset, Partners’ President, A. Robert Jaeger, identified three key differences:

  • Chicago’s distinguished history of community organizing makes it a natural place to support and strengthen the role of sacred places as engines of community growth and health. Partners’ message about the “public value” of sacred places — the way they share space to house social service programs and the way they stabilize their immediate neighborhoods — resonates strongly here.
  • The people of Chicago are highly aware—and proud—of their architecture, perhaps more so than in any other city. The downtown Loop area is laced with magnificent buildings by luminaries such as Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, and Mies van der Rohe, and Chicago’s neighborhoods are marked by countless domes and steeples built by waves of immigrants and migrants alike.
  • Chicago’s Millennium Park is an example off a major civic improvement encouraged and led by leaders from both the public and private sectors. The city’s civic leadership is forward-thinking and energetic.

Our commitment to tailoring our work to the needs of diverse communities continues to expand. As the Chicago office grows, our work has taken us into the city’s suburbs and collar counties, into neighboring states, and across the Midwest. In each congregation and in each community that we work, we commit ourselves to tailoring programs, training, research, and consulting services to address local cultures, challenges, and opportunities.

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