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Karen DiLossi, Director of Arts in Sacred Places

About Karen DiLossi

Director Arts in Sacred Places As Partners’ first director of the Arts in Sacred Places program, Karen has developed a Manual of Best Practices and a series of systems critical to developing long-term, sustainable relationships between faith-based and arts organizations. She has contributed to the Center for the Future of Museums as a guest blogger and was an essayist for MICA’s MFA in Curatorial Practice, as well as the journal for the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions. Karen has worked in professional theater since 2000, both onstage and off. She is the co-artistic director of Madhouse Theater Company and has served as a panelist for the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. As the director of Programs & Services for the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, she produced the Barrymore Awards Ceremony many times and directed them herself twice. Karen taught acting at West Chester University and served as a stage management consultant for Villanova Theatre. Karen has a BA in History and Drama from Washington College and an MA in Theatre from Villanova University.