Honor Award

The Sliding Chapel
Byblos, Lebanon

Design and Fabrication
Kieran Donnellan + MEDS
Dublin, Ireland

The Sliding Chapel is in the ancient citadel ruins complex in Byblos, a UNESCO world heritage site. It sits on a slope above a cliff and is a space for contemplation, offering a place to rest and reflect. The placement of the chapel also encourages visitors to explore the site. The sliding effect of the building highlights the precarious nature of the cliff-top site and the ruins’ instability, raising awareness of the care required to maintain historical sites. The wood charred from recycled crates gives the pavilion a rugged, aged appearance akin to the ruins and lends it a dynamic quality that resonates with the eccentric form. The project was built during MEDS, an international event aimed at design students, graduates, and professionals.

Jury Comments
The Sliding Chapel appears very contemporary, while its materials suggest a very ancient building, making it wholly appropriate for its site. A collaborative project achieved by a cohort of people at various stages in their careers as designers and architects symbolizes what can be achieved through international cooperation.