Saint Nicholas Temple Complex
Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

Architectural Bureau MARH
Moscow, Russia

Saint Nicholas Temple Complex is a collection of sacred buildings that are a symbolic revival of a demolished church. The historic complex includes three buildings – the main temple, the memorial temple, and a rectory. The main temple is a cross-domed building with an additional side-chapel. The parish hall is located on the second floor, accessed via a staircase at the temple’s corner, leading to the complex’s main gates. The entrance is marked by a deep alcove decorated with frescoes to greet visitors. The complex’s outer walls are of whitewashed brick; roofs and domes are covered with sheet metal. The temple’s whole image is inspired by the Pskov and Novgorod architecture school–known for its reserved solemnity and stoic simplicity. The new temple is near the historic part of the city.

Jury Comments
Saint Nicholas Temple Complex is a beautiful tribute to traditional Russian ecclesiastical architecture. This new complex of religious buildings creates an instant landmark in its city. The quality of design and construction is impressive, as are the urbanistic relationships between the complex structures.