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With many older and historic sacred places already vacant and many more vulnerable to closing in the coming years, there is an urgent need for solutions that help congregations preserve and maximize their buildings as assets for outreach and community revitalization.
Fisher Park, NC

The Power of Asset Mapping

Growing both historic congregations with diverse community programs, and healthy historic districts that foster property investment, is high on every preservation organization’s wish list. However, within the context of established historic districts, conflicts...

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First Presbyterian Church in Kensington Welcomes Sister City Girls Choir

Sister Cities Girls Choir finds a new home

For the past few Sat­urday morn­ings, mu­sic has been echo­ing in First Pres­by­teri­an Church in Kens­ing­ton.  The songs are dif­fer­ent from typ­ic­al re­li­gious fare like “Joy­ful, Joy­ful, We Ad­ore Thee,” though there’s some of that, too. More of­ten,...

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