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Reimagine your Community Reimagine your Sacred Place

Within the City of Austin, the need for spaces for artists to work, rehearse, and perform has reached critical levels over the past few years.  The tremendous growth fueling the city’s rapidly growing economy has caused a dramatic increase in rents in the spaces that local artists have traditionally used for their work.

With the help of a new program from the Partners for Sacred Places  headquartered in Philadelphia, Austin artists, of all disciplines, can now start to find creative homes within the unused spaces of sacred place facilities.  The Arts in Sacred Places program creates mutually-beneficial space sharing relationships between artists in need of space, and diverse congregations with space to spare and who would like to rent to artists.


  • 98% of surveyed Austin artists see an urgent need for creative space.
  • 85% of surveyed Austin artists are receptive to associating their work with a sacred place.
  • 40% more artists responded to our survey in Austin than any other city in the study.


  • Sacred space = Community space - and artists expand that definition.
  • Artists steer clear of mortgages and facilities management.
  • Sacred Places tend to charge below market rates.
  • Sacred Places in Austin are the most open (of the surveyed cities) to supporting artists.
  • Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud to learn more about
    • our efforts in Austin and
    • how to join the Arts in Sacred Places 
Contact for more information:
Lynn Osgood, Austin-based Consultant
Karen DiLossi, Director of Arts in Sacred Places
215-567-3234 x16