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Philadelphia arts groups find homes with local congregations

Arts groups need their space, and many older churches have plenty to spare. In a win-win for everyone, a Philadelphia nonprofit is pairing up theater, dance, music, and other arts groups with congregations that have underused space. No one was laughing when...

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First Presbyterian Church in Kensington Welcomes Sister City Girls Choir

Sister Cities Girls Choir finds a new home

For the past few Sat­urday morn­ings, mu­sic has been echo­ing in First Pres­by­teri­an Church in Kens­ing­ton.  The songs are dif­fer­ent from typ­ic­al re­li­gious fare like “Joy­ful, Joy­ful, We Ad­ore Thee,” though there’s some of that, too. More of­ten,...

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February 2015

Shiloh Baptist Church - a new home to JUNK & BRAT Productions

According to 2 Samuel 6:14, “And David danced before the Lord with all his might,” and it was these words that finally convinced the congregation of Shiloh Baptist Church to trust their leader, Rev. Edward Sparkman, to rent their beloved Sunday School space to...

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Photo: E. Aaron Ross Chicago Reader

St. Luke's Lutheran & Theatre Y

In 2006, when the Reverend Erik Christensen arrived at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square in Chicago, IL, it had twelve members. Today, the church has 114 members, its finances are stabilized, and its building is buzzing with the activity of...

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