Jiao-xi Presbyterian Church
Yilan County, Taiwan

Ambi. Studio / Wei-Li Liao Architect
Taichung City, Taiwan

The design strategy for Jiao-xi Presbyterian redefined the church as a vehicle to experience spirituality in everyday lives. The brick boxes at the four corners of the plaza are designed as multi-functional spaces for the community, and the main structure supports the elevated hall. Underneath the hall are multiple open spaces and corridors acting as urban streets and alleys connecting to surrounding areas, pathways, and greenbelts. It encourages various community activities and social interactions for residents and church members in any weather condition. Religious space accommodates daily lives and public encounters at the urban scale. By contrast, the main hall’s lifted volume on the second floor is designed as a double-layered structure. The egg-like nave is made with glued laminated timber to introduce natural light from the continuous waffle skin. It recalls the transcending experiences of worshiping and praying in a forest or wildland.

Jury Comments
Jiao-xi Presbyterian Church displays an incredible range of scale, materials, and use of space. The church blends well with its urban context. The use of natural light in the structure leads to the church’s religious feeling.