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Reimagine your Community Reimagine your Sacred Place
Photo Credit: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Photo Credit: Chris Kendig Photography
Photo Credit: Nancy Tovar

Historic Los Angeles church, once an activist hub, seeks new life - The Christian Century, December 12, 2018

César Chávez once preached at the church, which supported Chicano civil rights organizers. But the church wants to do more than preserve its past.

Photo Credit: Amit Gupta

Learning to love our church’s (expensive) steeple - The Christian Century, November 30, 2018

Photo Credit: Jessica Griffin

Congregations sell their deeds in order to survive - Philadelphia Inquirer, September 28, 2018


Read the latest issue of Faith & Form for several articles about Sacred Places and Community:

Sacred and Civic Synergy, by Chad Martin

Creating Connections Between Arts and Faith Communities, interview of Karen DiLossi by Michael J. Crosbie

Sacred Places in Transition, by Rachel Hildebrandt

'Can you help us find money to take care of our building?', by Chad Martin

The Economic Halo Effect, by A. Robert Jaeger

Parishioners team up to renovate Poultney church - Rutland Herald, August 13, 2018

Sacred Spaces / Civic Places - Context, Summer 2018

Sacred Places are ubiquitous. Yet, we are a critical juncture. The fact that sacred places are at risk isn't new, however, the pace at which they are closing may become a crisis for all neighborhoods.

Check out the new Sacred Spaces/Civic Places edition of AIA Philadelphia's Context.


Photo Credit: Clem Murray
Photo Credit: Ian Douglas

Grounds that Shout (And Others Merely Shaking) - The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage is supporting a series of performances that explore the relationships among religion, movement, race, and the body, with a focus on the African American religious experience and Philadelphia's historic sacred places, June 18, 2018

Beth Hillel Temple

Kenosha synagogue’s $1 million renovation - Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, June 6, 2018

5 do's and 5 don'ts for using your church building well - The Christian Century, April 11, 2018

Church of the Epiphany exterior | Carren Jao
Erin Brown, Sun-Times
Conor Hughes, Index-Journal

Efforts continue to restore Trinity Episcopal Church - Index-Journal, March 17, 2018


Local Church Wins National Preservation Award - HillRag, December 15, 2017

Historic Cedar Rapids church completes $4.5 million renovation - Cedar Rapids Gazette, November 20, 2017

Unalaska church receives National Fund Award - Bristol Bay Times, November 3, 2017

Clayborn Temple receives major national help for renovation efforts - Memphis Business Journal, October 25, 2017

Retirement Research Foundation releases overview of Accessible Faith Grant programRetirement Research Foundation, March 15, 2017

The Retirement Research Foundation’s Accessible Faith Grant program helped houses of worship make their facilities accessible. RRF is pleased to share an overview of the Accessible Faith Grant program with funders across the nation and encourages them to incorporate this low-cost, high–return program in their grantmaking.

Photo: Mark C Psoras, Philadelphia Inquirer

Seminaries feel the crunch of a changing faithPhiladelphia Inquirer, March 10, 2017

Fund supports historic congregations The Christian Century, February 15, 2017

10 great American churches and religious sitesUSA Today, December 16, 2016.


Honoring the History of Grand Rapids ChurchChristian Reformed Church News, November 9, 2016


Episcopal churches among those receiving preservation grantsEpiscopal News Service, November 2, 2016 

Basilica of St. Josaphat continues raising funds for urgent repairsMilwaukee Journal-Sentinal, November 4, 2016 

Basilica of St. Josaphat to receive aid for restorationMilwaukee Journal-Sentinal, November 1, 2016

Citizens offer ideas for church useTimes Daily – September 24, 2016

015 Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards ProgramFaith & Form {Deadline is July 15}
Submissions are invited for the 2015 Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program, which recognizes excellence in the design of religious architecture, religious arts, religious landscape design, the design of unbuilt religious projects, and student design projects for spiritual environments. More information can be found here

Arts & Congregations Project Philadelphia Inquirer

Mount Sinai in the Suburbs Philadelphia Inquirer

An active partner with Partners for Sacred Places, Beth Shalom Synagogue received designation as a National Historic Landmark. Beth Sholom is Frank Lloyd Wright’s only synagogue, a glazed glass pyramidal tower on a base of reinforced concrete and steel. 

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