A Program to Help Congregations in California Preserve and Maximize Their Older Buildings

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please register for a virtual orientation on February 9.


CONGREGATIONS IN CALIFORNIA that are striving to care for their buildings and make the most of them for outreach are invited to consider participating in New Dollars/New Partners—a nationally-respected training program that will begin in Spring of 2022. The trainings are a collaboration between Partners for Sacred Places (a national nonprofit serving congregations with older and historic buildings) and the California Preservation Foundation.

New Dollars/New Partners for Your Sacred Place is a training program that transforms how congregations see themselves and their place in the local community, helping clergy and lay leaders identify, cultivate, and leverage new relationships in the community, unleashing their heritage as a tool for restoring their buildings, recruiting supporters, and revitalizing their towns or neighborhoods.

New Dollars/New Partners consists of several modules—some offered virtually, others in-person—led by the staff of Partners and the California Preservation Foundation, as well as experts in the field. Each congregation is represented by a team of four: one senior clergyperson and three lay leaders. The training includes:

Making the Case for Your Sacred Place

Congregations learn to articulate a compelling case for financial support based on the value of their building assets, their heritage in a wider community context, and the importance of their outreach and ministry.

New Community Partnerships

Congregations learn asset mapping and other strategies to help change the way they view their place in the fabric of their neighborhoods. This serves as a catalyst for forging partnerships and that are striving to care for their developing allies for building care and buildings and make the most of full use.

NEW DOLLARS/NEW PARTNERS for California Sacred PlacesCapital Campaign Primer

Congregations learn to cultivate a strong culture of giving, as well as the structure and timeline of successful capital campaigns and initiatives. They are introduced to the roles of congregation leaders, volunteers, and outside professionals in successful fundraising efforts.

Tapping Funding Resources from Outside the Congregation

Congregations learn how to conduct an external capital campaign, using models of community-wide fundraising from across the country. Each congregation develops an action plan to meet fundraising goals after the training is over.

Congregations in California are invited to consider this program if they have the following characteristics:


Does your building tell a unique story about your contribution to the landscape of American history—cultural, religious, or architectural?


Does your congregation host programs that serve the broader community? Do you collaborate with other congregations, nonprofit programs and arts groups? Do you share space with other organizations and programs that serve the larger community?


Do you face significant repair or restoration projects that require financial support beyond the internal capacity of your congregation?


Does your congregation have strong clergy and lay leadership, financial health, and the energy to build toward a vibrant future?

Each participating congregation will be asked to form a project team of 4 leaders; commit to attending two to four training modules; complete assignments between training modules; and make a modest contribution toward the program ($200). Virtual program orientation is scheduled for February, 2022.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, please register for a virtual orientation on February 9.


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