Tri-Faith Commons
Omaha, Nebraska

Design Lead, Landscape Architecture
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Project Lead, Bridge Development
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The 35-acre Tri-Faith Commons is home to the Tri-Faith Initiative (a faith-based campus containing Jewish, Christian, and Islamic places of worship). The campus design team was invited to co-create a visionary master plan for the TFI. The site is divided into a series of Faith Precincts, each occupied by a house of worship and a set of common spaces shared by the whole community. The secondary walks, faith-based gardens, gathering spaces, and plantings are grounded in stewardship of resources and ecological restoration. The Commons’ signature feature is Abraham’s Bridge, which facilitates the inward and outward connection of the site to Hell Creek and the broader community. The buildings are connected to the site and one another in an identical, all-encompassing, and singular way through the circle form that signifies unity and wholeness.

Jury Comments
Tri-Faith Commons is a shared landscape between the Abrahamic faiths and joins them together in a powerful demonstration of their relatedness and interdependence. This sacred landscape bridges between the congregations in a display of unity and hope for the future.