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Shared Space / Adaptive Reuse

Congregations often feel that they have to choose between spending funds on their mission or on capital investments to preserve their buildings. Partners helps sacred places and their communities explore space-sharing and adaptive reuse strategies that both increase the congregation’s ministry and generate new sources of revenue for building maintenance and preservation.

Reinvigorate Your Sacred Space with new Partners

Every congregation’s property holds immense value for mission, community, and potential new uses including community partnerships and space sharing arrangements that may yield new streams of income.

Shared Space Planning

Partners brings significant and diverse experiences of space-matching to congregations who are interested in developing or enhancing space-sharing strategies. Partners offers customized recommendations and guidance on wide range of topics such as:

  • Pursuit of space-Sharing partnerships and rental arrangements that fit well with the congregation’s mission and identity
  • Identification of underutilized spaces that are best suited to space-sharing relationships, and effectively repurposing and readying spaces for rental
  • Guidance regarding marketing and messaging, including hands-on help with getting the word out to local community groups, small businesses, and potential one-time renters that the church has space available

Because of Partners’ strong relationship with the faith community and our expertise in community development and the arts, Partners has extensive experience and connections to networks of arts groups and social service organizations interested in sharing space. In facilitating shared-space agreements, our services include:

  • Identification of potential tenants
  • Guidance on best practices for sharing space
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Lease development and negotiation

Adaptive Reuse

Partners has strong expertise on how to reuse inactive religious properties, with extensive experience in developing and leading charrettes and seminars on how to redevelop such spaces. In situations of complete adaptive re-use, our services include:

  • Design charrette development and management: a kick-starter initiative that brings together community leaders, residents, and architects to think creatively about the site through the lens of civic engagement
  • Community and political engagement
  • Business and funding plan development
Shared Spaces Adaptive Reuse

Free Phone Consultation

Partners for Sacred Places offers a free phone consultation to help you re-imagine your sacred place and community. Call (866) 796-0297 or provide your preferred contact information below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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