National Fund for Sacred Places: Congregations Complete Their Capital Projects in 2021

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The National Fund for Sacred Places, a program of Partners for Sacred Places in [...]

Fear Not! Capital Campaigns in the Time of COVID

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Congregations that had begun capital campaign projects before the pandemic or those just about to launch a campaign successfully developed novel solutions. Capital campaigns are organized, planned efforts to raise substantial sums of money in a relatively short period to make capital improvements, fund new ministries, or perhaps create an endowment – and are never easy in the best of circumstances.

Black Faith Leaders Convening

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They marched down the center aisle of the hallowed halls of the magnificent Concord Baptist Church of God and Christ in Brooklyn, New York. Hundreds of people arrived with solemn faces for the occasion, led by Dr. Gary V. Simpson, Senior Pastor, and the esteemed Vernon Jordan. These were the toilers in the vineyard, leaders of an interfaith array of congregations from across the United States: civil rights icons, activists and advocates, spiritual leaders, businesspeople.